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Ultra High Definition - RAW Color

HydroCine always acquires Aquatic Motion Imaging in the best possible quality. The simple reason is that the images our crew produces will be sharper, cleaner and have better color in post production.
In fact, one often heard comment from clients is that the images appear better in the final product than observed in the moment. That is the power of our approach, the highest available quality for the best possible outcome.

Why HydroCine is different

HydroCine strives to go beyond the average with everything we do. Personalized planning and preparation, top quality equipment and professional crew are the foundation. We also have the experience and techniques to post-produce finished files to your specifications, ready to incorporate into your project. Our crew will work diligently to produce Aquatic Motion Imaging with enthusiasm while always focused to earn your ultimate satisfaction.

Logistics & Planning

The HydroCine crew has experience coordinating and producing international travel, providing access to remote locations, handling complex logistics, facilitating unique marine wildlife encounters, procuring personnel and more. Whatever the script requires, HydroCine can deliver the infrastructure to your location to help make the desired production outcome a reality.

Ultra High Definition RAW Color Imaging

The image quality of any visual product will have a significant impact on audience perception. The HydroCine team has produced underwater imagery destined for delivery on screens ranging from mobile devices to the very largest Ultra High Definition installations. By acquiring images in the best possible quality, we create product that has the resolution for any screening venue, now and into the future.

Post Production & Data Management

HydroCine produces motion imagery in Ultra High Definition resolution with 16 bit RAW color to provide the most information rich files for your post production needs. Our crew also has specialized aquatic post production experience and techniques to create clean, sharp, stable, high quality deliverables in any file format required for editing into any project.

Color Correction & Grading

A common problem with underwater images is achieving accurate and matching color. Beautiful images begin with professional aquisition, but will truly shine with a trained and experienced approach to extract the best color in post. The HydroCine crew can use our unique correction and grading techniques to deliver images with accurate color, all while retaining the ultimate in quality throughout the process.

4K RAW Aerial Imaging

Aerial footage has the potential to deliver powerful emotion and excitement to your aquatic production. HydroCine can provide this aesthetic to your project with safety and creativity. Our pilot is FAA certified to operate any size aircraft from a drone to a commercial plane, utilizes the latest in aerial imaging technology and will always operate with the safety of all personnel as the absolute highest priority.

Personalized Approach

Aquatic Motion Imaging has the potential to add great aesthetic value to a visual product, but is notoriously difficult to achieve. We will always consider the unique needs of a project and thoughtfully approach the production with safety, professionalism and dedication.

On Target
Custom Solutions

Incorporating Aquatic Motion Imaging into your project does not need to be intimidating. We are glad to work with any size production to achieve the deliverables required for your specific needs.

Let us discuss your ambitions and determine together how to make your Aquatic Motion Imaging dreams become reality.

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What we can do for you

Thoughtful planning and preparation for any size water themed production is essential for the safety of the personnel and the success of the final images. The HydroCine crew can provide pre-production services that will help your project go beyond the average and maximize its creative potential.

Image aquisition in the highest quality has a critical influence on the potential of the final visual product. Underwater, topside or aerial, the HydroCine crew uses only the best equipment and techniques because we truly care about the ultimate success of your project.

A critical stage of any aquatic themed production is managing the data for post-production. Our crew can provide digital asset indexing, transcoding, trimming and sequence editing so that these assets can be easily and effectively incorporated into your existing workflow.

To achieve beautiful color, aquatic themed images require a specific approach. We can utilize years of experience and specialized techniques to color correct and grade images to reflect your intended vison.

The dramatic appeal of aerial images is invaluable. Our pilot is FAA certified for commercial operation, and has the equipment and experience to provide this service with safety and professionalism.

  • Logistics and Planning
  • Ultra High Definition Imaging
  • Post Production and Data Management
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • FAA Certified Aerial Imaging
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