HydroCine News

Bryan Lanning - "Ropes"

Bryan and Missy Lanning are popular recording artists and Internet celebrities. Starbeat Entertainment hired Jeff Whitehurst as Underwater Cinematographer for the production of their latest music video titled "Ropes". Headed by Director Merlin Camozzi and Director of Photography Chris McKechnie, cast and crew worked tirelessly through the night to accomplish an ambitious shotlist that included underwater imagery crucial to communicating the artists' intent. Produced with RED Dragon cameras, Amphibico Rouge underwater housing, vintage Mamiya medium format lenses and Gates GT14 underwater lights.

See the final video here

PADI Celebrates 50 Years

PADI Worldwide recently created the "PADI Celebrates 50 Years" video product. Jeff Whitehurst served as Director of Photography, Producer, Camera Operator, Post Production Supervisor and Digital Colorist. The project took him to 7 US states and 2 countries in one month., but along the way he had the honor to meet some of the top names in SCUBA diving history and visually record their thoughts on the institution of PADI and what it has meant to the diving world.

See the final video here

PADI Freediver

PADI needed to produce training and marketing materials for their brand new PADI Freediver course offering. Jeff Whitehurst served as Director of Photography, Producer, Director, Post Production Supervisor and Digital Colorist. Underwater production always requires preparation, but the unique nature of freediving presented its own challenges. The underwater crew had to meticulously prepare topside, then submerge as a unit to record the scenes at depth while the freedivers repeatedly performed the required actions from the surface to depth. Fortunately, we had the fortune of working with some truly professional water athletes including Liz Parkinson of Stuart Cove's Bahamas, Jay Huang of Oceanman Dive Center Taiwan, Morgan Hoesterey and more. Produced with RED Epic Dragon cameras, Gates Deep Dragon housing, Keldan Luna-8 underwater lamps and an amazing array of water vessels and custom built equipment.

Check out the promo video here

SelfBee // The Epic Selfie Challenge

New York based Magna Carta commissioned Jeff Whitehurst to produce underwater images for their SelfBee marketing campaign in the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. He utilized a RED Dragon camera, Gates Deep Dragon underwater housing for the task, creating some truly unique visuals for the project.

Check out the final video here

Fences featuring Macklemore - "Arrows" Music Video

Grammy award winning Macklemore teamed up with the recording artist Fences to produce a new music track and accompanying video. A big part of their vision for the piece was a complex topside/underwater sequence. To accomplish the task, StraightEIGHT Films brought in an underwater production team headed up by Jeff Whitehurst and including the awesome Laura James as Safety Diver/UW photographer. Adding to some some incredible topside visuals, Jeff utilized the RED Epic Dragon camera, Amphibico Rouge underwater camera housing, HydroFlex Sea Par lighting and a powerful 10K topside HMI fixture to produce some cinematic underwater imagery for the project.

Check out the final video here

Disney Channel "Pass the Plate"

Disney Channel's "Pass the Plate" educates kids all about where food comes from and how its made. In this episode, the Producers wanted underwater footage of Penn Cove Shellfish farm in the icy waters of Puget Sound Washington. Jeff Whitehurst utilized a RED Epic MX camera, Amphibico Rouge housing and Gates VL24 underwater lamps to bring back a creative look at this unique and not often seen environment.

Check out the final video here

Stimulant "Seattle Space Needle Interactives"

Creative agency Stimulant needed a virtual reality zoom-through carrying the viewer from the Seattle Space Needle all the way underwater into the tanks of the Seattle Aquarium. To help accomplish this feat, Jeff Whitehurst constructed a custom underwater housing for the RED Epic camera, then rigged a system that would repeatedly move it through the habitat of the Aquarium's Giant Pacific Octopus. Jeff then extracted and color corrected RAW still images from the video stream and working with custom MicroSoft software helped create a truly unique interactive experience.

Check out the final video here