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Underwater or water-themed productions large and small, open water, pool, aquarium, scripted projects or remote location adventures, the HydroCine crew has done it all. We have worked with Grammy winning artists, global corporate brands, scientific organizations and many of the top names in diving. In every project that HydroCine participates, we strive to be prepared, professional and safety conscious.

Underwater video projects almost always require images created above water as well. HydroCine has the equipment and skillset to deliver quality terrestrial footage to minimize the impact on existing production schedules and resources. Our crew can expertly produce studio and field interviews, matching over/under sequences, dialogue delivery, scripted actions, creative camera movements and much more.

The HydroCine crew has the capability to produce high quality deliverables for any editing or delivery platform. We can offer data management, transcoding, editing, color correction and more. Let us leverage years of aquatic-specific post experience to deliver color balanced and efficiently managed digital assets that will seamlessly integrate into your existing post production pipeline.

Aquatic Motion Imaging Professionals

Need underwater or water based motion images to fulfill your unique creative vision and require a team that will always emphasis production value and the utmost safety of your personnel?

HydroCine camera and support crew are
highly qualified and safety conscious
Aquatic Motion Imaging professionals.


More About HydroCine

Ultra High Definition

The image quality of any visual product will have a significant impact on audience perception. The HydroCine team has produced underwater imagery destined for delivery on screens ranging from mobile devices to the very largest Ultra High Definition installations. By aquiring images in the best possible quality, we strive to create product that has the resolution for any screening venue, now and into the future.

Topside Production

When an aquatic themed script also calls for terrestrial production, the HydroCine team can efficiently transition to produce matching topside action, scripted dialogue, over/under sequences and more. We can seamlessly provide a complementary visual aesthetic without the need to bring in another seperate production team.

Post Production

HydroCine produces motion imagery in Ultra High Definition resolution with 16 bit RAW color to provide the most information rich files for your post production needs. Our crew also has specialized aquatic post production experience and techniques to create clean, sharp, stable, high quality deliverables in any file format required for editing into any project.

Color Correction

A common problem with underwater images is achieving accurate and matching color. Beautiful images begin with professional aquisition, but will truly shine with a trained and experienced approach to extract the best color in post. The HydroCine crew can use our unique correction and grading techniques to deliver images with accurate color, all while retaining the ultimate in quality throughout the process.

Aerial Imaging

Aerial footage has the potential to deliver powerful emotion and excitement to your aquatic production. HydroCine can provide this aesthetic to your project with safety and creativity. Our pilot is FAA certified to operate any size aircraft from a drone to a commercial plane, utilizes the latest in aerial imaging technology and will always operate with the safety of all personnel as the absolute highest priority.

Logistics & Planning

HydroCine has vast experience with coordinating and producing international travel, providing access to remote locations, handling complex logistics, facilitating unique marine wildlife encounters, procuring personnel and more. Whatever the script requires, HydroCine can deliver the infrastructure to your location to help make the desired production outcome a reality.

No Compromises


Ultra High Definition cameras with RAW color and high framerates, Cinema grade lenses, full featured camera housings with optical glass ports, reliable underwater communications, tethered topside camera control and monitoring, high quality underwater lighting, portable 4K RAW aerial imaging platforms.

We use the best equipment and crew because we believe your Aquatic Motion Imaging production deserves nothing less.

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The underwater images look awesome, you rocked it! - Chris McKechnie: Los Angeles based Director of Photography

HydroCine News

PADI Celebrates 50 Years

PADI Worldwide recently created the "PADI Celebrates 50 Years" video product. Jeff Whitehurst served as Director of Photography, Producer, Camera Operator, Post Production Supervisor and Digital Colorist. The project took him to 7 US states and 2 countries in one month., but along the way he had the honor to meet some of the top names in SCUBA diving history and visually record their thoughts on the institution of PADI and what it has meant to the diving world.

PADI Freediver

PADI needed to produce training and marketing materials for their brand new PADI Freediver course offering. Underwater production always requires preparation, but the unique nature of freediving presented its own challenges. The underwater crew had to meticulously prepare topside, then submerge as a unit to record the scenes at depth while the freedivers repeatedly performed the required actions from the surface to depth. Fortunately, we had the fortune of working with some truly professional water athletes including Liz Parkinson of Stuart Cove's Bahamas, Jay Huang of Oceanman Dive Center Taiwan, Morgan Hoesterey and more. Produced with RED Epic Dragon cameras, Gates Deep Dragon housing, Keldan Luna-8 underwater lamps and an amazing array of water vessels and custom built equipment.

HydroCine uses professional equipment including:



Additional equipment we use:

  • Tethered Topside Monitoring and Camera Control
  • Underwater Camera Support
  • Custom Environmental Camera Housings
  • Camera Jibs, Sliders, Stabilizing Gimbals and more.
  • High Quality Underwater Lighting
  • Cinema Grade Topside Lighting